My fourteen year old Kate has wanted to surf for two years. We heard about Mike's from our hotel and were SO happy with them! Kate had never surfed and got up right away. Her instructor Craig was awesome! Very experienced and personable. Mike was very helpful on the phone and in person. Wonderful surf company!
~ J. Beja from Chicago (December '12)

Last week I brought my niece and nephew to your surf school, and wanted to let you know how happy I was with your company. The process of enrolling was efficient, and their instructor, Justin, was just a natural with kids - he really did take good care of them, and made them feel comfortable - excellent person to have on your team. Thank you for providing a wonderful, safe experience for my niece and nephew that they rave about to everyone here at home!
~ J. Hill from St. Louis, MO (June '12)

This was a great experience! So great that it made me want more and as the instructors were telling me, I'm addicted!!! I would've surfed the whole vacation if I could've! Wonderful instructors who made me feel like I belonged out on the waves. It was my 4th time surfing and so I had even more fun trying to turn and stuff! I hope that if I come back I'll have just as much fun with Kona Mike or more! Thanks for the good time!!

~ Ashley P. from Canada (August '11)

This was my first and probably only time I will ever Hawaii at least. My family and I could not have found better instructors than those at Kona Mike's. These guys will make sure you have the best and safest possible time that they can give you. Best advice I can give you is to hit those waves and hit them with everything you got. Mahalo Much!

~ S. Orange from Indiana (June '11)

I grew up surfing and wanted a safe and pleasant experience for me and my wife who has never surfed. Mike did a fantastic job of making the day one of the best in Hawaii. You have a raving fan in both me and my wife. She is now a surfer for life thanks to Mike and the team. What a gift!! I'd highly recommend this company.

~A. Dodds from Denver, Co (March '11)

What can I say? These guys were terrific! We brought a huge group, and they were incredibly patient, enthusiastic, and fun to hang ten with. Highly recommended!

~Jeff (March '11)

We had about a 30-person group, only 2 of which had ever touched a surf board before. Kona Mike's instructors showed incredible enthusiasm, patience, and went above & beyond to accommodate us. Every one of us was able to get up on the board by the end of the lesson and I heard nothing but positive remarks from all involved. Highly recommended!!

~E. O'Keefe, NYC (March '11)

Can’t thank you enough for the surf lesson on 2/22. I won’t forget it. It was so far beyond what I could possibly have imagined. That really made my whole vacation. Man, caught the first wave, what a blast the day was, who would have thought? Your personal touch goes a long way, I was totally comfortable from the moment I arrived at the surf shack. The beach you picked was perfect, so private and so beautiful with perfect waves. Anyway we are headed back to the other side of the planet today to get back to life as we know it, but I will look forward to seeing you guys and surfing next February when we return. I will probably book two or three lessons that week, why wouldn’t I?

Thanks again!!!
~Mike M., Richmond, Virginia (February '11)

Thank you, Mike, for providing an AMAZING first surf experience for our daughter Cami. She absolutely loved surfing due to your enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge. We couldn't have asked for a better experience for her. Cami is already asking when she can surf with you again. Mahalo! ~A. Tennison, Roseville, CA (November '10)

Aloha from Canada, EH!! For us beginner's, whose closest activity to surfing is snowboarding here in Canada, Kona Mike truly was a professional with a personal touch. Kona Mike took our beginner level approach to surfing with fun, patience and sincerity. He knew where to take us, for those "beginner waves" and used our whole lesson time to the "max", in teaching us how to "hang ten". By the end of the lesson, both of us had mastered the beginning aspects of surfing - all due to the "Master Teacher" - Kona Mike. Mahalo from two lucky Canadians!! ~ Andre and Rachel L., Canada (August '10)

Mike is an awesome teacher! I can't wait to go back to Kona and surf with him again. I felt extremely safe and had the most fun! ~ Autumn L., Texas (April '10')

I have taken many surf lessons and this one by far was amazing. I really enjoyed myself and Mike is really calm and passionate about what he does. You will be able to stand up if you follow his easy lesson. The surfing spot is great and not crowded at all. Definately will do again on my next visit to Kona. ~ Stephanie S., California (April '10')

"I surfed with Mike in Oct of '08 and counted the days until I came back again this year. Not surprisingly, I had an awesome time with Mike this year too. I would have loved to surf more (we went out three times) - next year it'll be EVERYday! Mike is an awesome instructor - very patient and laid back. You are in very good hands!" ~ Mikaela, Massachussets (October 09')

"Wow, it's been six months since our (my wife and I) third trip to the islands. This trip was my first opportunity to surf. Living in the Midwest doesn't offer many chances, but I was hooked as soon as we were in the water. Craig was an outstanding instructor. The 2 hours more than exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to get back to the islands. Next time, Craig it will be a group lesson with my sons! Mahalo! for some of the best memories of my life!" ~ R. Schmitz, Kansas City MO (May 09')

"We had a great time surfing with Mike and Craig. They were so patient and encouraging!! It was my first time even attempting and I was proud that I actually got up several times. Definitely want to come back and take anther lesson! Thanks Mike!" ~ Jennifer, Atlanta (November 08')

"I had an absolute blast! I came down to Hawaii to watch my sister, Cait Snow, compete in the Ironman - but surfing was the one thing I wanted to try on my Hawaiian vacation. On my last day there, I called the surf school and made an appointment with THE Kona Mike. An hour later we were already finished with the safety talk and on our way to the spot. I learned so much from Mike! I got up on the board a bunch... fell a few times too, but I had SO MUCH FUN!! I would highly recommend Kona Mike's Surf Adventures!" ~ Mikaela, Massachussets (October 08')

"Awesome Time!! We didn't believe you when you told us we WOULD get up-but we did! Excellent instruction and positive reinforcement from both Mike and Craig! We had a BLAST! Mahalo-for a great adventure!" ~ B. Bryce, Middleton, WI (October 08')

"My parents gave Kevin (my husband) and I surf lessons for Kevin's birthday. We had a two hour private lesson with Mike and it was awesome. Mike's enthusiasm for surfing shows through his teaching style. He was really patient with us and we both were able to stand up. He provided excellent customer service to us and really went above and beyond. And we had tons of fun learning to surf. We're going back to the Big Island next year and plan on convincing the whole family to take lessons with Mike. Thank you Mike for making our surf lesson so fun and memorable!" ~ C. Miller, San Francisco, CA (October 08')

"Great Day and Great Fun. Highly Recommend. You WILL surf!" ~ K. Hollenbach, St. Louis, MO (July 08')

"I am a pretty experienced surfer and during a family vacation to the Big Island, I wanted a guide that would take me to a great surf break for a 1/2 day of surfing. Kona Mike set me up with one of his instructor/guides, another guy named "Mike". He was great, with loads of local knowledge, and a colorful personality. We surfed good waves with no was exactly what I was looking for! Mahalo." ~ David, San Diego, California (July 08')

"The surfing lesson was the highlight of my week long trip. Kona Mike and his team were great...they were able to explain what we had to do to surf for the first time and they did it well. Before the lesson I didn't think I was going to catch any waves but with Mike's and Abe's help I was able to do a little bit of surfing on my first time out. I definitely recommend Kona Mike's to anyone visiting Kona!" ~ Ryan, Chicago (June 08')

"Thanks, Mike. We had a blast! I never thought I'd be able to get up on the board and surf a wave, but you made it so much easier than I thought. I'm planning to come back to you when we return to the Big Island." ~ N. Schwartz, New York (June 08')

"I'm really glad that I had the chance to learn how to surf with Mike! Not only did he make both my parents and me feel very safe on the water, but also made surfing an extremely fun activity. The other instructors also gave me great advice whenever they happened to pass by me in the water. The instructors are really fun to talk to and very laid back! I recommend this experience with Mike for anyone who is up for an exciting surfing adventure." ~ K. Kim, Madison, WI (June 08')

"I had a great time surfing with Mike. I was really nervous and he made me feel very comfortable and fast out on the water. He was very encouraging and funny and I just had a blast and look forward to doing it again soon." ~ E. Motloch, San Antonio, TX (June 08')

"Mike's knowledge of both the local surf breaks and the local surfing community makes for a great experience for surfers of all abilities. I had fantastic time (too short) and I look forward to a future surf session with Mike and his crew. " ~ C. Harper, McLean, VA (June 08')

"Mike and his staff are very nice and professional. They are very knowledgeable about the ocean, surfing, and especially safety in the water. In the “pre-lesson” at his store front, Mike went over all the safety procedures and issues, and then we “practiced” with a surf board, paddling dos and don’t and “pop-ups”. I had a private lesson. My instructor, Jen, was great. She tailored everything to my specific level of skill and built on it. I expressed to her my goals and expectations and she not only met but exceeded them. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I came away from Hawaii with the time I spent in the water with Jen as the highlight of the week I spent in the Islands. Next time I go to Hawaii, the first thing I’ll do upon arrival, will be to call Kona Mike’s, find Jen, and hit the water." ~ L. Stark (June '08)

"Paul had a great time surfing, and we had a great time watching everyone! If we ever get back to Hawaii, we sure know who to get in touch with for more surfing. Thanks for a great morning at the beach--we'll never forget that part of our vacation!!!" ~ K. & M. Andrejko (June '08)

"Awesome! I had so much fun and I really learned how to surf
thanks to Mike and his amazing instructor Jenn! I got over my fear and nervousness and now I am definately hooked! I recommend Kona Mike's absolutely!." ~ A. Laurence (June '08)

"The instructors for my daughter and I were outstanding. They were diligent, knowledgable, but most of all, we felt like we were surfing with good buddies." ~ F. Berl (April '08)